Brief Introduction to School of Continuing Education of Xiamen University of Technology

The School of Continuing Education of Xiamen University of Technology is a functional department representing the University both to exercise the administration of the continuing education affairs and to undertake adult and continuing education. The School is in one of the two University’s campuses, the Siming campus, which is nestled at the foot of Fengchao Hill at the south end of Xiamen Island. It borders Nanputuo Temple and Xiamen University on the east and overlooks the famous Gulang Islet across Xiamen Harbor. Its convenient location and excellent environment both contribute to its fame. The natural beauty of green hills and blue sea and the structural beauty of the campus have made it an ideal location for advanced, continuing, life-long learning for people of all walks of life. The School includes comprehensive administrative office, adult higher education section and self-study examination & vocational training section. It has 11 staff members, of which 2 have senior professional titles, 7 are CCP members and 2 are members of People’s Progressive Association.

The School of Continuing Education of Xiamen University of Technology traces back to July 1992. And March 1994 saw the establishment of the Vocational Training Department of Lujiang Vocational University, which was renamed as the Adult Education Department in March 1995. Very soon the Department was honored with the sub-title Continuing Education Base of Fujian Province. In February 1997 it was authorized to enroll adult students of higher education by MOE. On 27th May 1998 the School of Adult Education of Lujiang Vocational University was validated to be formally founded, which was re-denominated the School of Adult Education of Xiamen University of Technology with the upgrading and renaming of the University. Since 2006 the School has been enrolled post-college students for university studies. Simultaneously, as approved by the Self-study Examination Committee of Fujian Province, the School was authorized to preside over self-study examination. To meet with the development of higher education and the changes of adult education, the School was again renamed the School of Continuing Education of Xiamen University of Technology in October 2007.

Since the founding, the School, under the leadership of the University’s CCP committee, has adhered to the correct direction of running the School, i.e. taking the market as the driving force and treating the education quality as the essential for survival and development of the School. Backed up by the strong teaching faculty resources and advanced instruments and equipment of scientific research and laboratories of the University, following the orientation of cultivating talented people with diversified application skills, and reinforcing the administration of education in due consideration of the characteristics of adults and putting what’s learnt into practice, the School has created an approach to carry out the education in omni-bearing, diversified forms and with its own features, thus gradually escalating its size, making ever greater contribution to the social and economic development of the City of Xiamen as well as Fujian Province and winning popular reputation from all walks of life.

There has been a steady development in the School for diploma-oriented higher education. Now it has 16 majors for university or college studies, with nearly 3,000 students of different levels. The self-study and assistantship education takes a good momentum in development. At present there are 11 majors for the School both to preside over the examinations and to provide tutoring for self-study learners, and the number of the registered examiners has reached more than 1,000. The non-diploma-oriented education is also developing continuously, and the School has become a base for continuing education, the training center of English and computer for young cadres and the training center of computerized calculation of the City of Xiamen or Fujian Province. Now the training for engineers, economists and accountants of project budgeting and final accounting and coaching for adults targeting to pass the examination of higher education have become the most competitive areas of the School. There has been a breakthrough for the distance education, i.e. a distance learning center has been set up in Xiamen jointly with Tongji University etc. where there are over 500 students at present. Community education and research is just at its starting phase and the cooperation with Siming District, Xiamen City, for this purpose, is deepening.

At the time when the knowledge economy has taken shape, adult and continuing education is confronted with new opportunities and challenges. With the support rendered to the education cause by the CCP committee and the school administration, the School of Continuing Education of Xiamen University of Technology is determined to take as its guide the spirit of 17th Party Congress, Deng Xiaoping’s Theory and the important thoughts of “Three Represents” and to use the scientific development viewpoint as the guide to the various affairs of adult continuing education so as to adapt itself to the need of positioning the school and actively seek the balanced development of the adult continuing education in terms of size, structure, quality and efficiency. Centering round the school building and its strategic and specific targets, efforts will be made in applying encouragement mechanism and differentiating strategy so as to create an approach to run the school of science and technology with distinguishing features. The existing resources and potentials will be fully tapped to turn out graduates that can meet the demand of the market and actively cater to the need of life-long education for the talents in Xiamen’s economic construction, thus putting the social benefit in the top priority in running education. Emphasis will be made to consolidate the foundation, upgrade the education levels and raise the education quality. The principle to standardize the education and to run the school by law and in good faith will be adhered to. Commitment is made to take the diploma-oriented higher education for adults as the basic task and attach importance to the self-study examination and its assistantship education and non-diploma-oriented education as well as professional certificate-oriented and vocational training. Efforts will be made to gradually develop the in-service postgraduate education and to improve the distance education. More efforts will be made in cooperation items with other organizations including enterprises and institutes. The school staff and faculty will be optimized and administration will be improved. Scientific research and practice will be intensified. Active efforts will be made to combine with the community and enterprise so as to jointly explore new approaches to adult, continuing and life-long education. The School will make its due contribution to the development of the West Zone of the Taiwan Straits, the social and economic construction of the City of Xiamen and the broad masses of people, by constructing a life-long education system and a learning society in an omni-bearing and a multi-stratum way with high starting point.

The School of Continuing Education of Xiamen University of Technology is always ready to provide sincere and excellent quality education service to various administrative undertakings, big enterprises, social organizations, private business owners and people of all walks of life. All circles of the society, institutes and educational organizations are cordially welcome to contact us for cooperation purposes, training items or any other services.

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